Project Based Decommissioning

Decommissioning on a Project Basis

OLAH Healthcare Technology has been helping healthcare systems retire legacy systems for over 15+ years. We have helped over 300+ customers, processed over 350+ Million medical records and images, and built the reputation of being #1 in archiving legacy systems in complex departments such as L&D (Labor and Delivery).

In the past, healthcare providers picked a vendor with IT experience, reviewed the functional and technical requirements, negotiated a rate, and worked together with the vendor to complete the project. The projects were generally done on-premise, one at a time, and took months or years to complete.

Today, healthcare providers have more choices. The can continue to work with IT vendors that are looking to maintain their billable-hour businesses on the next project, or they can select company that specializes in decommissioning healthcare systems in the fastest, most secure, and least expensive manner possible. That company is OLAH Healthcare Technology.

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Getting your Data out of the System

Decommissioning projects by OLAH Healthcare Technology are quite different than what you may have experienced elsewhere in the past. When a hospital engages with OLAH Healthcare Technology for a decommissioning project, our team treats each project as if we were the employees of your hospital. It is our duty to quickly and securely extract all the hospitals data for a legal archive and provide complete and full access to the hospitals data for Release of Information and analytical purposes.

Over our 15+ years in this business, OLAH has created a library of utilities that are used extract, transform, and load (ETL) for hundreds of systems. In addition, OLAH has partnered with Informatica, the undisputed market leader in ETL and Data Tools to make sure we always have the right tools to do the job.

OLAH’s Proven Approach

OLAH has been performing decommissioning services for over 15 years. We have perfected the processes, have the people, and have the tools to do the job securely, quicker, and at the highest quality.

It doesn’t matter if the project includes unusual documents and forms such as fetal monitoring strips and images, in addition to discreet and indiscreet data elements, we can deliver these services to you in the format you need to meet your data retention policies.

No hidden fees

When a project is completed, your hospital has the information needed in the format you require. You no longer have to continue to pay maintenance fees to the system vendor or pay for defect correction, additional extraction, or basic access fees.

OLAH doesn’t charge separately for extraction fees, ingestion fees, support fees, services, fees, or one-time fees. We know that you want the information either archived or transferred, and don’t want just part of the job completed. OLAH is a full-service provider and we deliver the complete job, not just part of it.

You Determine Your Storage

Every hospital has different rules and policies for long term storage, what constitutes a legal archive, how and where they want their data stored. Some hospitals have determined to be their own Data Stewards while others prefer to outsource that function. Some hospitals are completely knowledgeable and comfortable with cloud computing, whiles others continue with traditional on-premise technologies.

Whatever path your hospital chooses, OLAH Healthcare Technology is there to help, whether it involves additional OLAH products such as OLAH Historian™ or other third-party long-term storage offerings. We take pride in helping hospitals make these problems go away so they can focus on improving patient care with current and future technology.