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Is Your Patient Record Archive Strategy Putting Your Hospital at Risk? 

Are you holding onto your hospital’s patient records legacy applications longer than you should? Have you attempted to make progress on archiving in the past but met challenges in getting started… or getting it complete?

Maintaining those legacy applications involves dealing with multiple challenges, including the associated costs, the risk of potential data breaches, and regulatory compliance issues. It also can be disruptive when there seems like there are more decisions to make than people in your organization to answer them.

Even though you will eventually move forward with archiving, there’s still the danger of taking the wrong approach. A misstep could create lengthy data migration issues, interfere with data access, and increase the risk to data integrity.

Review this checklist to identify common record archiving assumptions and determine whether your current approach to managing legacy applications is sound.

Is your patient record archive strategy meeting your hospital's needs – really?

Use this checklist to help you get started and add items specific to your organization as needed. Our checklist includes:

  • Ways to measure risk of your legacy applications
  • Cost factors worth considering and how these are impacted with time
  • How to make the best use of limited staff time and resources
  • How to reduce the number of decisions you need to make now without limiting yourself later
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