Managed Services for your Decommissioning Needs

Managed Services is not a new concept to IT departments as it has been around for over 10+ years. Finding a company whose business focus is decommissioning healthcare systems that also offers managed services, is something new. OLAH Healthcare Technology is that company.

OLAH Managed Services takes a consultative approach to healthcare legacy system decommissioning

Olah Healthcare Technology is unique in our approach to helping hospitals retire legacy computer systems. Our company’s entire focus is on helping healthcare companies decommission legacy computer systems. If your legacy system decommissioning backlog is in double digits, you may want to consider a company that provides managed services to eliminate this backlog. With OLAH managed services we will work as an extension of your healthcare organization, incorporating your processes and controls, and will always remain focused on eliminating your backlog.

Managed services gear for success business process


Managed Services allows hospitals and medical organizations to outsource the tasks of decommissioning your legacy computer systems in full compliance of your organization’s operational, privacy, data-retention and business continuity processes. By outsourcing these services to OLAH Healthcare Technology, you can focus your own resources on your core competencies, and have access to a team of seasoned healthcare decommissioning experts.


OLAH Healthcare Technology’s Managed Services provide multiple benefits beyond a typical project approach. Among those benefits are:

  • Single Point of Contact (on-location and off)
  • Predictable Monthly Budget
  • Adherence to Service Level Agreement
  • Priority access to OLAH’s Decommissioning Factory
  • Priority access to OLAH’s Help Desk & Support team
  • Secured access to OLAH’s (AWS) Cloud Services
  • Consistent Adherence to OLAH’s Privacy & Security Controls
  • Structured & consistent management reviews
  • On-location executive reviews


OLAH Healthcare Technology’s managed services always starts with a comprehensive review of all of your current and planned legacy system inventory. We help you quantify the total costs of maintenance, and perform risk assessments of these systems in their current state. We then help you group and prioritize the decommissioning of these systems so that you decommission more systems in the least time and costs in OLAH’s Decommissioning Factory.


Unlike our competition, OLAH’s managed services includes the decommissioning of many of the systems in your planned legacy system inventory. Your specific breakdown all depends on your mix of departmental, hospital-wide, or enterprise systems, which will be determined at the conclusion your comprehensive legacy system review. Additional systems will receive a managed services customer discount allowing you to decommission as many systems as you need processed.

For more information on OLAH’s managed service offering, please contact Tiger Thiel