OLAH Historian™ Connect

OLAH Historian™ provides integration capabilities to leading EMR, EHR, and Informatica’s Data Archive solution.    When a legacy system is retired, customers decide what they want to archive, and what they want to move to the new existing enterprise or content management OLAH Historian™  was designed to allow you to have a vendor-neutral archive for all of your archived patient data.   Any existing system which supports HL7 Integration with the Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) and SMART API standards can provide an integration with OLAH Historian™ straightforward.


OLAH Historian™ was designed to be vendor neutral or agnostic with existing IT investments.   With SMART and FHIR API’s, integration to leading EMR, EHR systems such as EPIC and CERNER are now easily accomplished.   From a hospital system standpoint, archived patient data can be easily accessed when you are looking up patient data within EPIC or CERNER.   Additional sign-on capabilities are not required, user privileges are passed, and from a clinician standpoint, all the person has to do is click on the OLAH Historian link and see all the archived patient data and documents within the OLAH Historian archive.