OLAH Historian™

OLAH Historian™ is a medical content storage and management system specifically designed for decommissioned medical legacy and archived systems.  Unlike generic content management systems, OLAH Historian™ was designed to address the needs of the medical professional organization that has to have the functional requirements of PHI and HIPAA built in at all times.

At Olah Healthcare Technology, we know that hospital systems want choices for where they are going to be storing their archived documents and data from legacy systems.   Because of this OLAH Historian™ was designed to easily integrate with leading EMR and EHR through secured standardized web services.   In addition, OLAH Historian™ easily integrates with your LDAP or Active Directory environments.  With OLAH Historian™, you have one system that securely manages this historical patient data and documents, but it is easily integrated into the workflow of your existing enterprise health record system(s).


Some of the features within OLAH Historian™

  • Built to be PHI and HIPAA Compliant
  • Single Sign-on
  • Data is Encrypted at Rest
  • Supports LDAP and Activity Directory
  • Cloud and On-Premise Deployments
  • Full Field-Level Audit Tracking
  • Small Footprint
  • Supports PDF, HL7, DICOM, JPG, Movie, BMP, TIFF
  • Intuitive and configurable user interface
  • Supports wildcard searches
  • Full Query-By-Forms Functionality
  • Easily Integrated within your environment


  • Deployed at AWS (Amazon Web Services) using their HIPAA Compliance Processes and Controls
  • Designed for 99.999999999% uptime
  • Software Maintenance is built into the low monthly price. We do all the updates and security patches and they are automatically applied to your instance.
  • OLAH Historian™ Application built on Amazon Aurora
  • Never run out of disk space or computing capacities
  • No need to buy more hardware or software
  • Entire IT Cloud Infrastructure is managed by OLAH Healthcare Technology
  • Take advantage OLAH’s HIPAA and PHI Compliance that is always on.


  • Supports Multiple Database Options for your specific Data Needs
    • Amazon Aurora – For Real time and Immediate Access and 5X the performance of MySQL and PostgreSQL
    • Amazon Glacier – 1/10 the cost of traditional databases. For Infrequent Access such as Data Archiving and Long-Term Backups.
      • Expedited Retrievals – 1-5 minutes
      • Standard Retrievals – 3 – 5 hours
      • Bulk Retrievals – 5 – 12 hours.
    • Easily Adjust Resources to your changing needs
      • You can adjust your computing resources to your actual needs
      • You only pay for what you need
    • Eliminate your responsibilities for applying security and application patches