OLAH Decommissioning Factory

We’ve learned through the years that decommissioning legacy systems is not something customers look forward to doing.   The patient information is old, rarely used, and decommissioning is expensive and time consuming.     For these reasons, OLAH Healthcare Technology started looking for ways to decommission systems quicker, less expensively, and with enhanced security processes and controls.   With that in mind, OLAH Decommissioning Factory was born.

Announced in 2018, OLAH Decommissioning Factory is a combination of our 15 years of experience, proprietary software utilities, Informatica’s industry leading tools, and our in-house experts in decommissioning healthcare systems.   Using this knowledge with proven and efficient production processes used in manufacturing environments, we are often a fraction of the price of traditional decommissioning projects.

OLAH realized that our business was based on providing superior service levels, knowledge, and producing secured patient records either in digital forms or documents.    All of this had to be performed in a highly secured environment, and we had to produce these as quickly as possible.  The OLAH Decommissioning Factory does this and with cloud-based advantages, this is a technical disrupter in the healthcare industry.

Anyone that has been around manufacturing knows that the key to efficient production is a trouble-free setup, trouble-free production run, and trouble-free tear down, audit, and completion.   In most cases, the vast majority of time is spent in setting up a trouble-free setup and trouble-free tear down and Quality Assurance process.   Our OLAH Decommissioning Factory makes these areas trouble-free and our automated monitoring makes down-time in the middle of the production run as minimal as possible.

OLAH Healthcare Technology is revolutionizing the time and expense it takes to decommission legacy systems.   Our costs are often lower than the maintenance fees and carrying costs for the system itself.  What this means is that you can decommission the system, have your patient records wherever you want them, and use the prior maintenance fees for other purposes.

Our sole focus is providing decommissioning services to health providers. We have used our fifteen years in business dedicated to learning what needs to be done, doing it, and archiving our own processes and tools to improve our process year over year.   Our dedication to this area helped us become the #1 provider of these services in Labor and Delivery and with our OLAH Decommissioning Factory, we expect to extend our leadership to become #1 in all of healthcare decommissioning.

For more information on OLAH’s managed service offering, please contact Tiger Thiel at (614) 676-0602