Low-stress, Low-effort Legacy Healthcare Data Archiving Is Possible. Really.

It’s simple: Olah uses the most modern technology to take the burden of legacy system archiving off healthcare providers, simply lifting and shifting your information securely to the cloud. It’s easy, fast, secure, and works for any system, from EMRs to business systems, patient records to finance.
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Provide Us Access to Your Info, and Olah Takes Care of the Rest.

Olah’s EASTM (Enterprise Archiving Solution) is a new way to unlock the value in your legacy systems quickly, easily, and securely without adding workload. Olah utilizes its proprietary EAS platform to archive your systems to the cloud, keeping their integrity and making the data inside them imminently accessible. It’s just that simple.

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Enterprise Archiving Solution (EAS)

How it Works:

Step 1


Provide Us Access to Your Information.

Provide access to your data, and the hard part is over.

Step 2

Process Your Application Through the EAS Platform.

Utilizing the proprietary EAS platform and Olah methodology, we will replicate all of the reports and views that are most familiar and required by users.

Step 3


Quickly Validate the Results.

Olah’s process for replication of your information is simple but extremely reliable. It’s faithful to the original.

Making Archiving Less of a Burden Is All We Do

Olah’s modern archiving methodology is the fastest, safest and most reliable way to tackle the health information archiving dilemma.

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Olah’s FHIR-based API integrates with your EMR to offer physicians a records search that’s so intuitive they might not even know they’ve left your current system.

Get everything in just one step and one click for super-efficient information lookup that makes care and conversations with patients that much easier.

In addition, Olah has APIs to integrate with other business and workflow applications, such as Release of Information, Fair Warning, and enterprise Document Management systems.

Olah is a part of the Cerner Code Developer Program and Epic’s Connection Hub.
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Safe and Secure

Olah’s AWS-backed and served platform is reliable, secure, and HIPAA compliant. Your outdated, degrading legacy systems sure aren’t. It’s time to let go. Further, we believe healthcare information works best when it’s kept clean and intact. So, we think differently than traditional archivers, incorporating modern, lift-and-shift technology that manipulates your information the least, creating data integrity like no other system.
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Complete Control

Olah exists to return control of healthcare information to its rightful owners: healthcare institutions and patients. When legacy data is locked in outdated, inaccessible systems, it’s out of everyone’s control. Further, traditional data migration solutions keep you locked into their system. With Olah, your legacy information is entirely your own — and entirely in your control.
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Lower Cost, More Useful

Olah lets you choose which systems to duplicate and access now and which to upload to the cloud and save for later. Your originals will be waiting for you, safe and sound when you’re ready.

Pay for just what you need, when you need it, and upload everything at once or just a few vital systems. Access it all via Olah’s accountable query builder and get your information quickly in its original formatting.

Unlock All Your Legacy Systems Without All the Effort​

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You've Got Questions? Great - We Have Answers!

Do you have experience with any of my applications?

Yes. Olah has been in the archiving space for nearly 20 years, and we have archived just about every type of application, from EMRs to Pharmacy systems and everything in between. In fact, we thrive (and get a little excited) when we are asked to archive something that we have never seen before!

Here’s a partial list of applications archived by Olah:

  • AllScripts
  • Amazing Charts
  • AntWorks
  • Aprima
  • Aprima EHR
  • Arya Varian
  • AthenaHealth
  • CATT
  • Cerner EDM
  • Cerner HomeWorks
  • Cerner Millennium
  • Cerner Pharmacy
  • Cerner Soarian
  • Chart Logic
  • CPR+
  • Custom Cardiology
  • DigiChart
  • Discharge 123
  • eClinical Works
  • eMDs
  • Epiphany Cardiology
  • Galactica EDM
  • GE Centricity
  • Greenway Intergy
  • Greenway PrimeSuite
  • HBOC / AS400
  • HIM Portal
  • Hyland ImageNow (Perceptive Content)
  • Hyland OneContent
  • iHeal
  • InfoPro
  • Lawson
  • LMS
  • McKesson HSM and MSCM
  • McKesson – Series
  • Medhost
  • Medisoft
  • Meditech CS
  • Meditech Magic
  • MedSeries4
  • Metafile – MetaViewer
  • MicroMD
  • Midas
  • MLab
  • Mosaiq
  • MR2006
  • Natus Neuro Diagnostics
  • Navicare – Newborn
  • NexTech Intellechart
  • NextGen
  • Novarad
  • Novius Lab
  • OBIX
  • OpenText – Documentum
  • Paragon
  • PenVasc
  • Perigen–WatchChild/DigiChart
  • Philips– OB TraceVue
  • Philips– Witt Xper
  • Practice Partners
  • Praxis
  • Psyche Windopath
  • PtCt
  • Red Oak
  • SCC – SoftLab
  • Sunquest CoPath
  • Sunquest Labs
  • Surgical Information Systems (SIS)
  • Systoc
  • Tangible Solutions
  • UroChart
  • Various Homegrown Applications
  • WatchChild
  • WebPT
  • WKH– Sentri7
  • Wound Expert
How many of my legacy systems can your team archive at once?

Olah’s service delivery team is second-to-none and can scale to handle a large volume of archiving work. Today, each project manager handles roughly 50 projects of various stages.

How will you keep me informed along the way?

There is a large variety of healthcare applications that exist, and the complexity of how those applications store and sometimes trap information can vary greatly. Olah’s approach, however, does allow for a high degree of accuracy for estimating cost per system with only a few pieces of information. This is one of many ways that Olah is dedicated to keeping things SIMPLE for you. Even with only a few pieces of information, Olah can provide an estimate for you and keep it at a fixed cost to help protect your budget. If you would like more information, we’ll contact you directly to create an archive planner for you, or you can start this process yourself and get your archiving plan.

What does it cost to archive an application?

There is a huge variety of healthcare applications out there, and as you can imagine, costs can vary for each.

Provide us with three key pieces of information, and we can easily give you a quote:

  1. System name
  2. Size and type of database
  3. Number of episodes or patients (only for labor and delivery systems)


Have Your Legacy Healthcare Information and Use It Too.

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