Decommissioning in the Cloud

Cloud Computing Provides Affordability, Flexibility, and Security

Most organizations in the healthcare industries have effectively adopted cloud computing due to the indisputable benefits it brings. With cloud computing, collaboration and communications are enhanced, as well as the disaster recovery benefits that are built in.  With the metered utilization, computers, storage, and memory have never been more affordable. Cloud computing offers significant benefits to healthcare organizations.  You have complete flexibility to adapt your computing power to what needs to get done, and you can leverage your Cloud partners expertise and certifications to make sure that you are complete PHI and HIPAA security certification, processes and controls.

Cloud Computing Concept

Cloud Decommissioning is quicker and cost efficient

In the past, the only way to decommission a legacy system was to identify who is going to perform the decommissioning, secure the computing resources, and wait the months to years to get the information off of the system. Today, with virtual machines, cloud computing, and today’s integration tools, decommissioning can be done in days, weeks, and months and cost a fraction of what you paid in the past.

Decommissioning projects require constant monitoring and attention during the process. Healthcare personnel are often called upon to make adjustments to the physical & virtual machine environments. When the work is done in the cloud, OLAH personnel can make the adjustments without calling upon the customer’s IT department often saving up to 60% of the downtime in any project.

Cloud Decommissioning – Secured Shared Access

OLAH Healthcare Technology uses Amazon Web Services HIPAA Services to deliver its Cloud Decommissioning Services as well as for hosting the OLAH Historian™ product offerings. Amazon provides the physical, administrative, and technical controls for the hosting, and OLAH provides its own administrative and technical controls to make sure all Protected Health Information (PHI) is secure at all times.

Based on the needs of our customers, we share the single tenant deployments with our customers, providing full visibility and transparency to the environments, but eliminating the need for customer assistance when adjusting the environmental capacities needed.

Security and Cloud Decommissioning

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a market leader in providing cloud computing to healthcare providers. OLAH Healthcare Technology is a market leader in decommissioning computer systems in healthcare that contain more than just data elements, such as wave file documents, strips, and images. Together we use our proven processes and controls to deliver the most secure cloud decommissioning environment you can have.

OLAH’s entire business is centered around decommissioning healthcare systems. With OLAH and AWS, we have the security processes and controls in place, provide the required BAA documentation (BAA and Certifications) to assure you that your environment is always safe and secure.

Secure Integration in the Cloud

All Decommissioning efforts involve moving data, documents, and images from a legacy system to either a paper or digital archive, or a newer department or enterprise level system. Years ago, a specification was created to enable integrations in both on-premise and cloud-based environments. This specification was built on HL7 and is called FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resource Specification).

OLAH Healthcare Technology is familiar with these technical specifications using the published cloud-based FHIR specifications. In addition, OLAH Healthcare Technology has partnered with the #1 data management toolkit vendor, Informatica for cross platform integrations and their enterprise data management tools for healthcare. Working with OLAH Healthcare Technology, you can be assured your healthcare details can be used and shared with whatever system you selected.