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See How Quick and Easy Archiving Can Be. Really.

Let Olah show you a better, faster, less burdensome way to archive all your legacy healthcare applications, including:

  • EMRs and EHRs
  • Clinical, lab, and pharmacy applications
  • Financial applications
  • ERPs
  • And anything else you might have in your collection
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Get My Archiving Plan

Get started unloading your tech collection in just minutes.

Step 1

Give Us Your List​

Fill out our intake form with all the applications you use and need to archive, plus any additional details. That’s it. That’s all it takes to get started.

Step 2

Let us Crunch the Numbers​​

We’ll calculate how long it will take to archive your legacy applications into the cloud with Olah’s unique lift-and-shift methodology.

Step 3

See Just How Much Time You’ll Save

Grab time on our calendar and hold onto your seat; we’ll present your custom archiving plan and show you how it all works. (It’ll be easier and faster than you’ve ever imagined.)

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