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OLAH can preserve data and retire ALL of your legacy healthcare systems.
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OLAH EAS™ (Enterprise Archiving Solution) is a better approach to archiving, with more flexibility and less time, costs and resources.
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OLAH Solutions: Retiring Legacy Systems

Hospital and medical practice acquisitions, combined with technology advancements, compound the retirement of legacy clinical and financial systems. Traditional data archiving creates significant challenges, including expense, time and other related risks. OLAH’s unique approach to archiving helps your organization minimize those challenges to preserve, secure and leverage legacy data and systems.

More than 350 healthcare organizations across the country partner with OLAH to retire legacy systems.

OLAH Customers


OLAH EAS™ (Enterprise Archiving Solution) is an alternative to costly and time-consuming traditional archiving tools. It was designed to make healthcare archiving affordable, faster and more secure.

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Legacy Data Archiving Projects

Have you installed, upgraded, or replaced systems and need help with retiring a legacy system? OLAH’s fees are often lower than what it costs to maintain your organization’s legacy systems annual maintenance agreements. Let us retire your legacy system so your organization can put more money into existing strategic IT projects.

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OLAH Historian™

OLAH Historian™ is an affordable data management solution designed to securely store legacy data, providing a secure, cost-effective, feature-rich cloud repository for your legacy data.

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Why Choose OLAH?

  • Speed: 90% of systems in 90 days
  • Affordable: ROI in 12 to 18 months
  • Ease of use: Easy integration of OLAH EAS
  • Experience: 350+ clients and 15+ years
  • Healthcare: Exclusive industry focus
  • U.S.-based: No offshore resources
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